Seasonal Face Oil - Autumn


DESCRIPTION: With sunny holidays behind us and a long winter ahead, we can feel physically drained and emotionally deflated. This blend seeks to install confidence and uplift the spirit, whilst supporting the skin through this big transition. Nutritionally packed base seed oils - including Prickly Pear, Amaranth, Echium - counteract the effects of crisp mornings and central heating on our faces. The heavenly scent of Jasmine Sambac comes through to inspire confidence and optimism alongside citrusy Grapefruit, Green Mandarin and Lemon to focus and energise.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Prickly pear, White Ginger Lily, Seabuckthorn, 

HOW TO USE: Morning and night after cleansing, place 4-5 drops in the palm of hands, press together to warm, then cup around your nose and mouth, breathing deeply for a count of three, pause before exhaling for a count of five. Then massage upwards over the face, working outward from the centre, until the oil is absorbed and skin begins to sing.

SIZE: 20ml