Daily Stone

Daily Stone: Daily Stone

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Rose, frankincense, and neroli.

DAILY STONE:  An everyday full-body moisturizer in the shape of a stone that melts on contact when applied to dry skin2. A made-from-scratch revolution against plastics, pumps, and chemicals 3. A daily ritual with rose, frankincense, and neroli to get in touch with your body and know your self

A BODY STONE with a balanced bouquetof florals and spice. Rose softens and restores intimacy; frankincense heals and brings balance; neroli calms and eases the mind. Use after your daily shower instead of lotion for an incredibly nourished glow.

Hand poured in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. Kate McLeod is female founded, funded, and formulated.

Available in a sustainably farmed, re-usable bamboo canister or as a refill.